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Masters in Public Administration Chapter

"CSUN shines with a culture of collaboration and problem solving."

Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D., President,
California State University, Northridge

Welcome to the
Master of Public Administration (MPA) 
Alumni Chapter website


The purpose of the MPA Alumni Chapter is to create opportunities for MPA alumni to become more connected to and, interactive with, the University and the Master of Public Administration program constituency.  

We honor and showcase CSUN MPA Alumni. 

Our common objective is to strengthen and improve the CSUN MPA Chapter, its alumni membership, CSUN MPA faculty and CSUN MPA students. 

Our common goal is to heighten the perception and value of the CSUN Master of Public Administration degree, the CSUN MPA Alumni Chapter, the CSUN MPA Program and, California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

As our modern Founding President, Talin Keshishian, MPA'09, stated, 

    "The MPA Alumni Chapter focuses on providing a networking base for alumni, current and prospective students as well as faculty of the Master of Public Administration program within the California State University, Northridge community.  We provide an outlet for these individuals to maintain and enhance their network through dialogue, events and regular communication."

As the MPA Alumni Chapter moves forward, our purpose, our objectives and goals, remain consistent.  We build upon our predecessor leadership and experience.  Working together, we are certain to strengthen our future.

We hope you will join us.