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Volunteer Service Awards

Dean Edmund Peckham Award for Merit

Annually, the Cal State Northridge Alumni Association presents the Merit Award, recognizing an emeritus or retired member of the faculty or staff who is loyal to and supportive of the university. Recipients of the award have maintained close ties to the college and continue to contribute to the university's mission of supporting and promoting the welfare and intellectual progress of students. In 2008, the award was renamed in honor of its first recipient, Dean Edmund Peckham, for his continued loyalty and support of the university over four decades. To learn more about Ed Peckham and his service to Cal State Northridge, click on the following link to his full biography.

2010 Dean Edmund Peckham Award Recipient
Donald Cameron
Retired Faculty and Administrator

Since beginning his career at San Fernando Valley State College in 1960, Dr. Donald Cameron has served the university in many capacities and after retirement as a dedicated volunteer. Before joining the staff of Valley State, Cameron earned a Bachelor's degree in 1953 from the University of Montana and then served two years in the U.S. Army before returning to the university to finish a Mster's degree. BR>
Link to complete biography

2009 Dean Edmund Peckham Award Recipient
Carol Kelly
Retired Faculty, Child Development

Since arriving at San Fernando Valley State College in 1969, Carol Kelly has provided key leadership in developing and implementing an innovative interdisciplinary major in child development. With her 40 year affiliation with the university, she has established a legacy of superb teaching, and continues to mentor students and alumni, and provide leadership as an emeritus professor. Carol has opened many professional opportunities for students and alumni, including creating pioneering positions and working at local, national, and international realms to make the world a better place for children.

Link to complete biography

2008 Emeriti Merit Award Recipient
Warren Campbell
Retired Faculty, Public Administration

Warren Campbell is one of our the University’s pioneers having joined the faculty of the new San Fernando Valley State College in 1961….the start of a 47-year relationship  with the University.   A Fulbright scholar, Dr. Campbell served as a professor of political science  to 2001 teaching courses ranging from state and local government, public policy, urban administration, political and governmental ethics, to city planning. In the 1970s, he helped establish the Urban Studies and Planning Program and the Master of Public Administration program.

Link to complete biography

2007 Emeriti Merit Award Recipient

Daisy Kuhn
Retired Faculty, Biology

Before coming to the university as a member of San Fernando Valley State College’s original faculty, German-born Dr. Daisy Kuhn immigrated to the United States and earned a bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from UC Davis.   During her tenure from 1959 to 1992, Daisy, now an emeritus professor, taught courses ranging from general biology and microbiology to graduate courses.  As a microbiologist, she has identified several unusual organisms including a new colony of bacteria, and a new species of bacterium, which has been named Conchiformibius Kuhniae in her honor. 

Link to complete biography

2006 Emeriti Merit Award Recipient

Sam Britten
Retired Faculty, Kinesiology
Sam Britten, a founding faculty member, is internationally respected in his field and is one of the most beloved individuals to have ever set foot on the Cal State Northridge campus. Britten, who taught at Northridge for 44 years (1959-2003) earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UCLA and then earned his doctorate at USC where he specialized in rehabilitation training and therapy. He realized his calling at UCLA when he was asked to take a group of blind students to Mexico for spring break.

Link to complete biography

2005 Emeriti Merit Award Recipient

Robert Gohstand
Professor Emeritus, Project Director for Old China Hands
Professor Gohstand joined the faculty of the Geography department of San Fernando Valley State College in 1967. Bob served as a "Russia" specialist sharing his special knowledge about the region during the height of the "cold-war" years.

Link to complete biography

2004 Emeriti Merit Award Recipient

John Guarrera
Professor Emeritus, Engineering
John Served as the director of the Center for Research and Services in the College of Engineering and Computer Science until his retirement after 30 years at the university. Even in his retirement, John continues to serve the university as an unofficial advisor to the dean on matters related to the Center for Research and Services.

Link to complete biography

2003 Emeriti Merit Award Recipient

Gwen Brewer
Retired Faculty, English
Gwen Brewer was born in Utah and raised during the Depression in Utah, Iowa, and Minnesota. A first generation college student, she took on several full and part-time jobs to continue her education. She married and had two children before getting her Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in 1967.

Link to complete biography

Vern Bullough
Retired Faculty, History
Vern is an internationally recognized medical historian who specializes in the history of sex, sexual practices and taboos, and nursing history. Vern has authored, co-authored or edited nearly 50 books and has contributed to more than 70 other books.

Link to complete biography

2002 Emeriti Merit Award Recipient

William "Del" Stelk
Retired Faculty, History
Del began his teaching career in 1938 in a one-room schoolhouse but was interrupted by a greater cause to protect and defend his country in World War II. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was assigned to the Pacific Theater where he served honorably in four of the most casualty ridden campaigns in our nation's history.

Link to complete biography

2001 Emeriti Merit Award Recipient
Art Tait
Retired Faculty, Business
Art Tait is one of the most beloved individuals in the history of CSUN. A mentor to many, Art has always gone beyond the job description in teaching and motivating current and former students and advising faculty and staff to reach beyond personal and professional goals.

Link to complete biography

2000 Inaugural Emeriti Merit Award Recipient

Edmund Peckham
Emeriti Faculty, Former Vice President for Student Affairs
Ed Peckham has most certainly made a difference in the lives of over four decades of current and former CSUN students. The son of two teachers, he learned the value of education and mentoring and at an early age knew that he would be oriented toward a career in education.

Link to complete biography