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Mentor A Matador

The Matador Network is a new and exciting online mentoring program that matches CSUN students and recent graduates with
seasoned CSUN alumni and industry professionals. The program is designed to help Matadors prepare for success by connecting
to alumni who will share their personal experiences, business and industry expertise, and offer tips, advice or support. Whether you
live near or far, this is a great way to give back to your alma mater and stay connected to CSUN.  The Matador Network system
allows you to mentor according to your own schedule and convenience. We hope that mentors can carve out just a few hours to
respond to mentee questions via email, phone or Skype. This program has not been launched to students or alumni looking for a
mentor yet, but it is coming soon!

Start by completing a short online profile with basic information about yourself, your academic major at CSUN and current or most recent work experience. You can also select the type of students or young alumni you are most interested in connecting with, and the number of people who can contact you at one time. Once your online application has been submitted, it will be made available in the pool for mentees to search and select. You will be notified by email when a mentee selects you as a match and requests you as a mentor.
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Start by logging in to your SUNlink account through the CSUN Career Center. If you do not have an account, call the Career Center at (818) 677-2878. Select the Matador Network tab, then use the search tools to locate available mentors by academic major, company, industry, city, other key profile components. Select a mentor and send them an introductory email. There are hundreds of professionals looking to share their journey with fellow Matadors.
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If you have already created a MENTOR profile but would like to make changes or manage your account:
Manage MENTOR Profile

Matador Network Walkthrough Tutorial

1. Click “Become a Mentor” and proceed to Sunlink, our host for the Matador Network

2. Enter the email address you would like to be contacted with and proceed to the contact and professional information forms

3. Please enter all of your information to the best of your ability and note the required entries are highlighted with an asterisk *

4. Once you are finished with your application please allow up to 48 hours for processing

5. When your application has been approved you will be notified via email

6. In that approval email, you will receive instructions to create your personal password to the Matador Network. Please save this password
if you need it to make any changes or updates to your profile and it allows access to accepting or denying possible mentees

7. Create your password and click the tab that reads Matador Network in the upper right hand corner of your new Sunlink profile

--If you receive a message from a potential mentee, you can respond to them through your profile or email them back directly as that you
 will receive an email to your personal email address displaying their message and email address.

8. --Please note the number of mentees you have selected to mentor; if you receive 6 messages from 6 different CSUN students, and that was
the maximum number of mentees you would like to have at one time, you will no longer be searchable to students in the Matador Network.
Once you conclude a relationship with a mentee it would be best that you sign into your Matador Network profile and remove them from your
 list of current mentees so that your profile will be available for another student to view.

9. Please read all information on our website about time obligations and duties


1. What is mentoring?
Mentoring, in the context of our Matador Network, is the development of a voluntary, one-on-one online relationship between a student
and alumnus. The relationship is characterized by: respect and a conscious effort toward personal growth, mutual exchange and interpersonal
support. There is no expectation that internships or employment opportunities will result from the relationship.

2. How is mentoring different from networking?
Whereas networking is about developing professional contacts to tap for informational interviews and job leads, mentoring is about an alumnus
and student developing a close-knit professional relationship covering all aspects of career and personal development.

3. How do I sign up for The Matador Network?
Alumni: You can participate in The Matador Network by clicking the "Become a Mentor" button above. You will then complete your profile
with background information and select personal mentoring preferences. Students will have the chance to view your profile and request you
as a mentor. After being selected, you can confirm a mentee, and you will be notified by email of the match. Additionally, you will also get the
benefit of requesting how many students you would like to be in contact with at any given time, which you can increase or decrease at will.

Students: You will need to complete a short profile and provide your contact information to participate. Once verified in the system, you will
be provided with access to search and request mentors. You will send an introductory email to the mentor and will be notified if the mentor
accepts the match.

4. How are the mentoring pairs made?
Students sign up and search for a mentor using key words, major, industry, last name, etc. Students can then request to be matched with a
potential mentor from pool. The mentor then has the opportunity to either accept or decline the request.

5. What should I do once I have been paired with an alumnus or a student?
We ask the student to make the first contact after the alumnus accepts the mentoring request. Our hope is that the pair will have a personal
conversation early in their communication via email, phone, or Skype, in which they can get to know each other’s general interests, career
goals and industry perspectives.

6. How much time will be involved in the mentoring relationship? The time committed to the relationship is entirely up to the participants.
It is up to the student and the mentor to decide together what works best for them.

7. What if there is a problem with my mentoring relationship? If you are experiencing any problems in your relationship or have any
questions, please notify the Matador Network Coordinator, (818) 677-6882, at the Alumni Relations office so we can help you. We want
you to have a satisfying experience, and often we can intervene and work toward possible solutions to improve the relationship.

8. For mentors: Why haven't I been requested yet?
The Matador Network does not automatically match mentors with students. Requests are based on student interest in mentor profiles.
Students can search for mentors in the database using select search criteria. It is important to make sure your profile is complete.

9. For students: Why was I declined?
There are a variety of reasons why your requested alumnus might have declined you, most of which probably have nothing to do with you
personally. It may be an especially busy time for the alumnus, or the alumnus does not think it would be a good fit. Do not get discouraged.
Just go back into the system and search and request another mentor. Perhaps there is another alumnus outside of your major or industry
choice that can offer expertise and career advice.